What is Instander?

Instander is an InstaMod which comes with a beautiful user interface and awesome features. The best features are No-ads, Privacy, Downloader (Photos/Video/Reels/IGTV) and HQ Media.

What is Instander Clone?

Clone comes with a different package name (com.instander) which allows you to run this app along with the official app or the Original version of ours.

What is Instander original?

The original comes with the official Insta package name. Thus, you need to uninstall Official Insta before installing Instander Original.

What is the difference between Original and Clone?

The only difference is the package name. Other than this, there are no changes.

Do you need to uninstall Official Instagram?

Yes, you do need to uninstall Official Instagram if you want to install Original (UnClone) Instander.

How to use Instander if you have Insta preinstalled?

Just use the Clone version.

What is an Instander verification mark?

It is similar to an official verification tick mark but only visible to Instander users. It is introduced by the developer to keep the project alive.

How to get an Instander verification mark?

  • Send the donation amount (180 RUB/90UAH/3$) using any following gateways on this donation page.
  • Write your username in the transaction description.
  • Visit this page and enter your details.

The verification mark is tied to a username. If you change the username, it will disappear.

It takes up to 7 days to get you verified, but usually, it takes less.

Is real Insta verification visible to all?

Yes, If you paid Mark Zuckerberg.

How to request the dev to add new features?

Sorry, you can’t. Instander was never made to fulfil user’s needs. It was made by the_dise for himself, later it became public. Now the features getting added by Dev depend on how whether it’s worth adding it or not from his point of view. He’s not taking any requests.

How to properly report a crash?

Note: Don’t submit crashes if you enabled ANY of the developer options

  1. App crashes
  2. “Instacrash” notification appears and suggests you the way you can send the crash log
  3. Choose your email client (Gmail, Outlook, etc.)
  4. Email with crash log will be automatically generated
  5. In “USER_COMMENT” field write what did you do before the crash, it will help to solve the problem
  6. Send an email to the developer

Can I increase the stories quality with “Improve quality of the Stories” option?

This option sets the bitrate of any video uploaded through Instander up to 12 Mbps. The video you record will be sent to Instagram servers where it will be compressed and processed. The results of those actions are loss in quality and bitrate.

Instander can’t guarantee you that video in the Stories will be exactly with 12 Mbps bitrate due compression algorithm of Instagram servers.

How to enable animated messages?

In developer settings, put direct power-ups into the search bar, and enable all toggles.

Pay attention to the first toggle, the value changes by tap, it must be “1,2,3,4”.

Also, if you have a business account, the top toggle must be enabled.

Is it possible to revert to the old direct icon?

Go into developer settings, find options on the GIF — DISABLE them.

Do I get banned for using Instander?


Where is Instander’s source code? Why don’t you publish it?

Because Instagram for Android isn’t open-sourced, to begin with, it means we have no obligations to publish source code due to the lack of a license that would require us to do it. Ask Instagram to publish their source code, and then Instander source code might be published.

Open source modifications are not a good idea in general because you don’t want to see Instander with all its features and without any credit to the_dise, right? We also don’t want to see that. It devalues labour, and it really is demotivating.

If you are a technical specialist, you can make sure that Instander is safe by yourself. All you have to do is analyze the app’s outcoming traffic.

Since May 2020, there was not been a single case of account hijack/password stealing where it would be proved that Instander is directly responsible for that.