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Social media platforms consist of more than half the earth’s population, with prominent networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter taking the lead. Instagram is a people’s favorite when it comes to photos. This photogenic platform allows users to express their life and business stories in many ways, including photos, videos, and even posts.

The world would forever be grateful for such opportunities and cherish every moment through each account and image posted on the “gram.” While we acknowledge the significant contributions and impact that this platform has had on our social lives, there are many changes and upgrades that users have been demanding to help improve their social experience online.

These missing on-demand missing features from Instagram have led to the rise of mods, and modified versions of the official Instagram application. While almost all social apps have their own modified versions, today, we’d take a look at one of Instagram’s most popular mods, AeroInsta APK.

This fantastic Android application serves to fill out some of the gaps that are preventing Instagram from perfecting its social capabilities for users. In this post, we’ll take a look at the hype surrounding this Instagram mod and find out whether or not it’s worth the attention it’s currently receiving.


What is AeroInsta APK?

AeroInsta APK is an Insta Mod that provides users with the normal functions that the official Instagram platform offers, along with several other unlocked features that serve to improve the consumer’s experience online.

Say, for example, you’re in someone’s DM composing a private message for them. With the normal Instagram application, the intended receiver would be capable of reading whatever it is you’re typing even before you send it. Every letter, stroke, and character would be visible to them as you’re typing as long as they’re online and in your DM, as well.

Such scenarios can be an inconvenience because you might have accidentally typed something that isn’t meant for their eyes, but before you can make any changes, they would’ve already read everything word by word.

In this case, privacy is compromised, and the AeroInsta APK strives to change such conditions and many other flaws available on the app. Other flaws that this mod aims to overturn include the presence of ads, a broad selection of themes for the users’ preferences, download capabilities, configurations and settings related to posts and stories, and some useful tools that allow users to surf the platform like a ghost, among other features.

App Details

DeveloperHazar BOZKURT
Size53 MB
Last updatedMarch 17, 2024

Download AeroInsta APK Official for Android

You’d probably question the need to download AeroInsta APK on your phone, but this guide aims to help you identify what you’re missing out on. While the official Instagram application may seem convenient enough for the average consumer who doesn’t use it as much, it is more than insufficient for the fanatics and socialites who crave privacy, among other advanced features.

Imagine being able to lock your Instagram app with your fingerprint or pin code. Some might argue that you can do the same thing with your phone settings, but I doubt that your original Instagram app provides you with the same thing.

Now, imagine yourself downloading any video or chat media file you want without having to download an external video downloader application. Sounds exciting, right? That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what AeroInsta has to offer you.

If you’re still not convinced, you can read through the many features that will be highlighted in this article. A link will be provided below, from which you can download the latest version of Insta Aero APK for free today.

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Download Media


As mentioned before, AeroInsta APK allows users to download any media file, including IGTV, Photos, Reels, and Videos. It comes with a pre-installed downloader that lets you set your own download path and saves your videos to your device’s storage. You can decide to download chat media files, which include voices, photos, and videos in any chat or DM.

Something that is difficult in the official application without an external downloader. In this category, you can also enable download notifications, which show notifications of posts you’ve downloaded. Finally, users can split downloads media by username, which downloads posts to a subdirectory created with the username of the IG account.



Users can hide read messages, which prevents the sender from knowing that you received and opened their message. The “seen” notification will be disabled, allowing you to read the content of any message without having to reply immediately.

Similarly, whenever you type something in your DM chats, the “typing” sign is usually seen by the person on the other end to inform them that you’re about to text something. However, AeroInsta allows you to hide this feature, thus increasing your privacy. You can also hide view status to prevent people from knowing that you’ve seen what they posted and finally hide view live to enter any live stream without being dictated.



You can create fingerprint and pin codes to protect your Instagram or reset the security preferences preventing outside parties from accessing your app. Users can also set a timeout for their security preference which locks the app whenever the pre-set time expires. The app even lets you choose the background image you’d see when unlocking the app. When a security profile is active, message notifications are hidden from the lock screen.

Disable All Ads


This feature includes various customizations as well as preference configurations for the AeroInsta. You can disable all ads, including the ones in your stories and feeds. Shopping ads on various posts and screens are hidden, too. Users can also remove recommended friends in their feeds to prevent them from seeing content involved with these individuals.

If you’d like to prevent Instagram from collecting data about your account, you can opt to disable analytics. This, however, can affect business accounts as the owners won’t be able to see any data on the effectiveness of their business.



With this option, users can play stories with sound, increase reel upload quality, and increase IGTV upload quality. These options allow you to increase the quality of reels and IGTV posts. You can also disable stories auto skip which prevents stories from being skipped until you touch the screen.

However, this feature only works best with video-based stories. Users can also change the font of the “Typewriter” style in the story, remove unwanted black borders from every story, and prevent AeroInsta from cropping stories. All these functions are designed to make your story experience an amazing one while online.



With this Insta Mod application on your device, you can now view any post with picture content on full screen and even zoom in and out as much as you want. Other features under this category include downloading posts by tapping them thrice, double-tapping a post to like it, and showing the first media for posts with multiple media.

Users can also disable media autoplay which prevents videos from playing until tapped on thus, saving you tons of internet data. There are also the options to remove liked posts, always start videos with sound, enable comment copy and translate buttons.



This includes various preferences and configurations for the translation engine that translates the comments. Whenever you come across various comments or posts with a language that is foreign to your knowledge, this feature would translate it for you to your preferred one. You can even change the language to be translated, and if it’s not listed in the options provided, you can select “use phone language.”



This feature provides you with useful, external, optional, and downloadable modules for the AeroInsta app. The account analysis provides users with a post, follower, story analysis, engagement, and detailed graphic module about your Instagram account.



Here, you can browse through a selection of customization options that aim to make your Instagram better. You can choose a custom color for the background of your chats, select whether or how you intend to use the gradient color, and even pick out the most favorite gradient color for you.

Users also have the option of putting an image as their chat background instead of a plain old boring color. These customization features provide users with more control over their Instagram account and allow them to make various changes that bring life to using the app as often as possible.



AeroInsta APK also provides users with general preferences and various service configurations like disabling updates, which prevent any automatic updates on the app, and also enabling app crash reports for Android devices.



Finally, the about section provides you with details about the app’s developer and its official websites. You can also find other useful information, such as a list of translators that translate the app into different languages. Find other social accounts belonging to the developer such as Instagram and follow them or join the Aero telegram groups available in different languages.

Final Words

Now that you’re all caught up with the various features that the Aero Insta application has to offer your Instagram social life, you can download it today and explore each feature to its fullest. The app is available for free and has changed the way people socialize on Instagram in a great way. Don’t be left behind. Get your AeroInsta latest version of the application and enjoy.